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I finally saw this. Me battling with quite a range of emotions... from maybe we all need to live like this family... to wait, these kids are not experiencing our reality (or they are better off not)... and I was super-envious how these kids were athletic, wise and smart (I really mean brilliant fucking genius!) Maybe this has happened in real life somewhere... I hope so...


What the hell are McMansions?

McMansions are the houses many of us love to hate. They’re big, gaudy, and often they’re accumulations of traditionally mismatched architectural elements. Whatever they are, they’re everywhere in suburbia.

We invited Kate Wagner, aka McMansion Hell, to talk oversized buildings of wealth and status, including the McMansion that is US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s house in Holland, Michigan. (We’ve posted a video with various views below).

where we do life

emotional smoke detector

Brain science is helping educators to understand that when any of us is in a chronic stress response brain state, there’s a cluster of neurons in each side right above the temporal lobe called the amygdala, and that’s our emotional smoke detector in the brain. The amygdala processes emotion and learning. And when it’s ignited, when we’re angry, when we’re disappointed, when we’re scared, when we’re worried, any negative emotion activating it shuts down the frontal lobe, which is where we do school. That’s where we do life.

But chronic stress, chronic adversity, literally not only throws us into a fight/flight/freeze response, where we’re constantly reacting, but we now see that it kills off brain tissue in an area of the brain called the hippocampus.
Source: Stress test – Kiwanis Magazine

Mick Jagger RARE Movie: Running out of luck

so bad it's good? No it's just bad...

Jagger might be better suited producing movies with his Jagged Films film studio, but he’s also acted in more movies than you’d think.
In 1970, he starred in “Ned Kelly.” In 1992, he played the villain in “Freejack,” which also featured Anthony Hopkins.
In 2001 he was in “The Man from Elysian Fields” and in 1997 he had a bit part in the historical drama “Bent.”

Aretha Franklin - Ever Changing Times ft. Michael McDonald


The New Yorker recently deemed Nanette the perfect comedy performance for the #MeToo movement.
“I love angry white man comedy. It’s so funny, it’s hilarious. They’re adorable. Why are they angry? If they are having a tough time, the rest of us are goners,” Gadsby jokes. Several times in Nanette, she critiques the male voices that dominate comedy, punctuating the tension with comments like “just jokes” or “lighten up,” appropriating the average comedian’s default, flippant response to accusations of bigotry or offensiveness. In just two words, Gadsby illuminates how, since time immemorial, men have gotten to decide who is pathological. READ